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Thread: Childish Act of a CSer

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclectyx View Post
    Whatever the TS's reasons, he's correct to forward the info to the uni's sysadmin, as such an email is in breach of the conditions of use of the unis' IT facilities. These conditions of use are somewhat stricter than the usual service providers. To extract from one such IT policy as an example:
    "The following are PROHIBITED on the computer facilities:
    The transmission, display or broadcasting of electronic messages or the use the computer facilities in any manner:
    - to denigrate, satirise, degrade or defame any person, family, organisation, nation, race, community, political or religious group;
    While some here may see it as somewhat trivial to pursue the matter, such poor net behaviour reflects badly on the institution and may also indicate a wider pattern of abuse. Consider some what-ifs:

    • What if the sender has been sending such emails out to other people as well?
    • What if some of those folks are overseas, and they trace it and see that it's from Singapore and from one of our institutions of higher learning?
    • What if the sender crossed the line into racist or other more insiduous comments? It's a thin line before such remarks become actionable under the Racial Harmony Act, for example.
    • What if the return phone number is real and goes to some third party? The sender would then be either impersonating and/or defaming that third party.
    WHAT! Biggest pot of crock I read today!
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    damn the person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpoet View Post
    WHAT! Biggest pot of crock I read today!
    Good putdown. Not much of a rebuttal though.

    My point here is actually partially in reference to one of your earlier comments that "being immature is not a crime". In this case, it already is a violation of our universities' end-user policies to post such a comment to denigrate the TS, using university IT facilities to do so. Violation of such university policy may be punished very severely, with even the possibility of expulsion. Furthermore, as I postulated in my "what-ifs" scenarios, it could be, or could escalate into criminal activity or other legally-actionable activity, such as by civil lawsuit.

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    The chap may be childish, but tracing an IP address just to feel empowered? Surrealism seems to be TS's cup of tea.

    It's so reminisicent of how our gabra-ment loves to do things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickonchong View Post
    I may be quite new here but i learn a short form which maybe imply here. NPNT.
    If I were the client, I do not need to show picture just to say I do not like the product, do I?
    If I can show that, would I still need to engage the photographer? Strange thinking you have....

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