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Thread: How to setup low cost Home Studio

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    Question How to setup low cost Home Studio


    After taking many photos at home, I realised that with a mini home studio , my pics would have turned out much better.
    I'm sure that some would have a home studio.

    It would be wonderful if CSers could share their knowledge on the setup.


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    Here's how one rich professor does it:

    Personally I feel you can start small and cheap with a couple of lights from ikea, mahjong paper for background (assuming you are shooting only small objects at this stage), bunch of white/black cards, blu-tack, and a relevant book from the library. Using continuous lights let you model the light just the way you want it.

    For studio portraits, streetshooter has a thread on his DIY flash, diffuser, and background setup.

    If you decide to go straight for the kits you find in studios, the cost rises accordingly. Places like Ruby and Cathay might be having some promotional kit at the moment. Expect to pay around S$1000 for a no-frills one light setup...

    I have tried both normal desk lights and studio lights at home, and a constraint I have encountered quite routinely is of space!

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    Thanx alot .
    Really good info.



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