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    Hi there, this is my first post in this corner. Not sure you might like what you see, but anyway, pls help me to improve! Comments welcome! Happy weekend

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    the other title of the photos is "grainy_portrait_of_single_green_in_dry_leaves ". dont know which one is better. HOPE because you hope this is something good or the very descriptive title.....
    anyhow, i dont know what you wanted to do. the photo looks like you took a tiny crop of a larger pic. its not only grainy but also blurred (out of focuse or motion blut), intentional or not? it does not improve the pic.... highlights are blown, colours are off... i dont know what you were thinking when you posted this photo.... definitively trash bin.

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    composition - 0
    focus - 0
    colours - 0
    title - 0
    effort - 0


    one of the worst snapshots i've seen here recently.
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    this is the ultimate in execution... i dun even know what is the focus and the image crop is still blur, i wonder full size is it abstract art anot...
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    Hi corneliuswan,

    I understand that you are attempting to convey a message of "hope". Unfortunately, this image isn't strong enough to get the idea across.

    I'm thinking along the lines of a small plant in the barren desert sands, or a small plant in dry & cracked earth...

    It's good that you have realized the concept of "using a picture to tell a story" as an art form. Nonetheless, there is much to be desired in the manner of delivering the missive.

    In general, pictures have to possess good composition. Colour, B&W, sharpness, grain, lighting, etc... can be left to your imagination, but they have to be consistent with the theme of the picture.

    Concept is there, but you need to work on the other factors. Don't give up..... try to get ideas and inspiration from magazines, books, gallaries on ClubSnap.....shoot, shoot, shoot...after all, "film" on digital is free


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    Hi, thanks for bothering to give feedback. Hmmm this was a pic that i wanted to delete after taking because of the handshake while taking. But decided to play with it in PS and thought it looked interesting compared to conventional pics with correct exposure and focus and rule of the thirds so and so.. Added the grain effect to suit the blur and oof. For the over and under exposed parts i thought it will add more feel to expressing our everyday life where ups and downs are met. Yes this is a big file and i thought the rules here are to post a resized small one. Well, just my two cents. Ha maybe i am wrong. Appreciate the honest replies. Will work on to improve.

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    i suggest u keep this shot to re look at it another time. might give u more inspiration. I think it makes a very good abstract. Just play ard a little more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corneliuswan View Post
    Hi there, this is my first post in this corner. Not sure you might like what you see, but anyway, pls help me to improve! Comments welcome! Happy weekend

    This may look better..photoshop it, emphasise what you want to describe,

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    Hi weiconghon, thanks for editing it for me to show me. Appreciate that. But i find the brown colour from the fallen leaves a nice contrast with the green from the plant. Regards to chris, thanks for the encouragement. I tried to exclude some details from the original pic by cropping it, see if it works.


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    over exposure, main subject not clearly shown, and what do you want to show?

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    contrast is not just about this color is differnt from another color and so they are contrast. Both the brown color of the leaves and the green of the "hope" are very saturated and really bright, hence they are not contrast but quite the same.


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