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Thread: sofa series

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    Default sofa series

    oh well.
    my first outdoor shoot. (canon 350d with kit lens)

    still experimenting.
    still confused.

    what do you think?

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    Default Re: sofa series

    what's your intention in producing this picture?

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    Default Re: sofa series

    Quote Originally Posted by eikin View Post
    what's your intention in producing this picture?
    Ebay the sofa

    Just kidding....I tot the picture will look better if you add in some wash out effect...make it older

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    Default Re: sofa series

    It looks like it needs someone sitting on her left, with a bottle in hand, just blabbering at her.

    The bottle is raised about half his height and pouring into a glass, "missing most of it".

    Oh yes, he is wearing a suit ( shirt not tucked in and buttons done up wrong).

    My mind is on danger money at present so excuse my thoughts
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Default Re: sofa series

    nothing outstanding to lift it out of the trash can.

    this kind of shot needs ATTITUDE. there is none.

    i suggest :

    1. a tighter crop, the left side has to go.
    2. an edgier treatment to the pic through pp.
    3. a model that engages you, since the sofa cant do much except sit there.

    keep shooting!
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