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    Any gurus using coreldraw pro XI?

    I have started using this software and it seems to take about quite some time to render pictures when i make adjustments. However, this kind of situation do not occur when i use photoshop. The latter produces results instantly.

    I'm running on a 512mb ram. Could it be technical or that the Coreldraw simply draws too much memory.

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    It is because Corel Draw is a vector based software. It is the nature of the software that CorelDraw manipulate photos much slower and limited. Corel 11 and 12 have a lot of improvements and effects for photo, but still not as good as photoshop. So if you work with photo, it is best that you use Photoshop.

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    "XI" might suggest that TS is talking about Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, formerly of Jasc Software. It's a capable Photoshop-type image editing software, at a fraction of the cost. However I don't have Photoshop to compare against, so I don't know if the speed of operation is faster or slower. (But having said that, the "Depth of Field" function is @#$&!* dog slow ) Ah well, you get what you pay for, I guess.


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