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Thread: IMPT: Please Read (esp. "shooter")

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    Quote Originally Posted by EurasianModel View Post
    Sorry to everyone else on the forum, but i've never been so insulted before. All i'm trying to do is win the competition like every other girl but apparantly for some unknown reason a lot of pple see this as wrong.
    C'mon guys cut the lady a break. Go have a whinge elsewhere.

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    look forward to take some of your photos~

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    I have noticed this trend as well....

    Quote Originally Posted by unseen View Post
    Hmmmm i do not know of the whole situation, only from what EurasianModel/Steph had said.

    I went to to take a look (yeah, I'm kay poh), and I can't seem to find any of the exchange mentioned.

    Aren't you guys sorta blindly jumping to conclusions without knowing what happened? That said, there'll never be a shortage of guys jumping out whenever a maiden cries out, be it one for help or one of wolf.

    That said, this thread shouldn't be here.

    Mods should move it elsewhere.

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