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    MLM ar ..
    my sis join this kind of com before ..

    her 'partners' are such a pain in the ass. come my house so many times kenaa suan by me left right center still not paiseh.
    then my sis still bring her 'friends' to our relative house. sigh

    some magnetic bed cost some $4-5k ..
    they also sell supplements as well .. makes me think about slim10

    but i am very surprise about how the manage to brainwash my sis into another person.
    and the pay wise .. really peanuts. Sell a $5k magnetic bed only <$200 comm?

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    I encountered the exact same experience too, by my gd friends somemore.. Did they ask u to meet them at Lao Pa Sat for kopi and chat then u meet their so called business partners there and they ask u go up their company listen more? Damn F***Up

    Quote Originally Posted by roadrunner_552 View Post
    for me, i doesnt really discriminate mlm companies, rather i hate those ppls doing the sales. I been cheated by a friend to come out for a chat. In the end, the meeting place is near his mlm company. Pulling me to his workplace to hear all kind of rubbishs. Earn big $$ n drive big car. Kaoz. Till this day, i never met this friend again.

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    Thanks Vince for trying to explain. There is no need to get defensive that Insurance is not MLM. Perhaps you have not read my early posts.

    It is already a misconception that MLM means ppl who sells the tupperware, etc etc... Let me correct this again. MLM is a MARKETING STRATEGY. It DOES NOT means any or SOME PARTICULAR COMPANIES. It is a SYSTEM.

    Insurance is under the umbrella of MLM in terms of their Marketing Strategy. They sell policies. The POLICIES that they sell is the PRODUCT.



    Again, insurance is under the umbrella of MLM, which is something which I think should be proud of.
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