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Thread: talent scouters

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    Its quite ridiculous these scouts at MRT stations etc. I'm not even good looking, just reading my newspaper also got approached. Definitely they're selling u a course etc etc not really offering u jobs.

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    Do modelling agencies like Mannequin and Elite make models pay for 'training' before jobs are given to them, or does it happen only with the small and conjob modelling agencies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhikang View Post
    they teach yes, but at a fee that those girls have to pay. After all, they are running a BUSINESS. Wadever can get $$$ into their pockets. Doesn't matter whether those girls end up modelling for them. Of cos SOME (v few i heard) do end up modelling. Most just get turned away after the course which they paid for. Mission accomplished, lock on new target.
    isn't that the same as taking a degree with a commercial school or for that matter even NUS. What they teaches you are outdated the moment you walk out of their doors.

    If the 'agencies' do up a nice portfolio for the talents and do not bound them, I think it's fair. If they are bounded for 1-2 yrs and yet do not get jobs, it's slavery.

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    just sharing my exp .Back 2 years ago.

    heard abt i - models.
    Went down.
    Told me to bring a photo.back den .didnt have one.

    so brought down one of my neoprints.
    suprisingly ,it's nt individual but with my fren
    yet they accepted.
    they say just need a record.

    and told me to pay for portfolio.
    Have restrains -didnt wanted to pay.
    they kept on persuading i even say i no cash.
    they say nvm!

    So to stop them being so loso.
    i Made a payement of 10 bucks only!

    So for the following year or so.
    they kept calling asking me down to complete the payement so they can outsource nicer pics to company.Which i think most likely to be a scam.

    So girls out there.
    I dun think it is advisable. =D

    Sweets! =D=D

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