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    Singapore Economics

    You have 4.4 million milk cows.
    You feed it with 3 ounces of hay in the morning and you can squeeze it for 3kg of milk in the evening.
    Your cows always thought that 3kg of milk is the maximum they have to give, but after the judgment day in 2006, the cows realized that they can actually contribute 7kg of milk.
    You tell your cows they are best milk cow in the world and they are very proud of the compliment. The cow are very happy.
    You are now working on new technology and method to milk each cow 10kg of milk each day while still feeding them 3 ounces of hay

    That is so true.

    Continue part 2 for you, if you dun mind.

    Your cows are encouraged to venture overseas to explore greener pasture.
    They did ,and realised that they are being milked only 2kg of milk per day, while being fed 3 ounces of hay per day.

    You import Foreign cows by the truckloads, for their "talent" . They only need 2 ounces of hay per day, and contributed 7kg of milk of varying quality. But before long, the foreign cows returned to their motherland with their hay that they saved. You have no more cows left, you make use of Nano Technology and make mechanical cows.

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    Aye caramba! Cowaaaaabangaaaaaaaaaa!

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    People would most likely buy a bigger cow with lesser milk than a small cow with more milk. Despite knowing milk matters most.

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