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Thread: Learn more about photography!

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    and besides rather than just blog on photography and posting pictures from others, why dun use start posting your own pictures on your blog or over here?

    dun worry about it being good or bad. everyone start from somewhere.

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    Default Learn more about photography!

    Quote Originally Posted by zoossh View Post
    If you do not credit immediately next to it and left the credit blank, it will be assumed immediately that the picture is taken by you or commissioned by you.
    Hi Teamo, I agree with zoossh, and I'd just like to add a few things.

    I went to your blog and Googled some of the text in the posts and found that they were taken wholesale from Wikipedia. I know you mention "Wikipedia and other sites" in the sidebar, but this is not enough as a proper credit. Just as zoossh suggested that you credit the image-owners properly, you ought to do the same for any text you have copied and pasted. This means citing the source in every post. It may sound tiresome, but it's the ethical way to go. In short, give credit where credit is due.

    Also, Wikipedia has some regulations concerning reusing their content. It states you must provide a conspicuous link back to the source. Here's a link to the statement on copyrights (scroll down to 'Reusers' rights and obligations') -

    In case you (or anyone else) is wondering if I Googled the blog text and am saying all this because I want to discredit the sharing efforts of others, I'm not. As a former library staff and a research writer, checking, recommending, and citing sources and websites is what I do professionally. So let's just say this is my "unsolicited professional advice"! Your blog may not be a 'professional' project, but it still reflects on your credibility and ethics. If your blog comes off as credible, you will have people promoting it for you, if not, no one will bother.

    May I suggest that you consider writing your own posts - for instance what you learned from reading the Wikipedia articles, and then linking to them instead of just republishing them. Then post your own photos with critique of your own work, and post specific thoughts, or questions where you'd like people to comment on. It would make for a more interesting blog, and you would have a good record of your personal journey in photography. It takes time, but if you want it done well, you just have to make time.

    I hope you will be encouraged to re-look at your blog and see how it can be improved. IMHO, your intention to share information is good, but please reconsider your method of doing it. If you need tips on blogging, there are plenty of good sites out there. One example of a photography blog is which highlights different types of photography and is written for beginners and serious amateurs from a user's perspective.

    I know you didn't ask for my advice, so take all of this for what it's worth. All the best on your blog.
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    Hi, aside from the intelluctual property issue, I would like to commence ur efforts in putting up a website. I appreciate that u are putting in much time and efforts in setting in this venture. For those who are critical abt ur efforts because of the copyright stuff, pay attention to it. Otherwise, for others who are cynical for whatever other reasons, just ignore them. There are plenty of cynics within the CS community!!

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