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Thread: party PNS cam.

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    i think that rated the Canon 800IS higher than the 850IS for a few various reasons. look them both up on the site and have a read.
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    go for the fuji f31fd then if you keep running out of battery. cos the f31 battery one full charge can last you 580 shot. i just got mine today at funna southasia computer lvl3. they selling at $599 with 1gb, tripod, case, screen protector and either you choose one card reader or battery.

    if not get the Z3 also selling at a good price. $399 with 1gb, case and screen protector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy_h View Post

    Needless to say, this is the best low light point and shoot out there. The F31fd uses the same CCD sensor as the F30. But the F31fd has face detection, and Auto ISO I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on the auto ISO function.
    IIRC, both F30 and F31fd has the autoISO thingy. Only diff is F31fd has one extra ie AutoISO800. meaning the camera will select suitable ISO depends on situation up to ISO 800. It's like putting a ceiling for the cam. F30 has ISO400 and ISO3200. F31fd has ISO400,ISO800 and ISO3200.

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