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Thread: Poll & C&C - lady in red (color and B&W)

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    Default Re: Poll & C&C - lady in red (color and B&W)

    Quote Originally Posted by CZJena View Post
    The B&W here looks bad BECAUSE ...
    1. Its not taken with film/slide; postprocessed, hence cause the pixel/noise condition real bad
    2. Its not filtered contrast can be made with colored filter e.g red will turn her clothing white while cyan will turn it black.
    3. When you b&w image will intensify shape/form, be careful about the image showing feet bigger than face

    Next time try:
    1. Using film like Ilford, with lower ISO ... IMO i like maximize lady's softness than coarse
    2. Control the lighting to show more facial expression than feet/hand ... else this strong contradiction will CONFUSE the audience
    3. You can try gelatine filters

    Good try though! Thks for sharing
    points noted down in my jot book.

    1)does that mean when shooting BNW, it is ALWAYS best to use film?you mean digital has no room in comparison when cs2 is applied, no matter HOW good the technique is?
    2)how to define bad noise/grain?what's "BAD" in this context?too big?too much?
    3)teach me if you can about shooting bnw in film.why putting a red filter will cause her dress to be white?is there a good read for this?can provide me link?i dont have the filters IIRC.
    4)what's gelatine filters?is it same as clear filter then use vaselin or hazelin snow to smear such that it becomes a soft image?

    i'll try to DI the foot.i did notice that.

    this shot was done using ROOM lights.7 in total.
    thread is here:

    i appreciate the detailed comments.

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    Default Re: Poll & C&C - lady in red (color and B&W)

    I can't vote (no idea why) but I'll go for the colored piece.

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