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Thread: Canon 300D With Kit Lens

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    Question Canon 300D With Kit Lens

    Hi All,

    I just start to learn about DSLR and I have tried to shoot clear blue sky (with some cloud) using my Canon 300D with its kit lens but I can't get the picture I wanted. The image result is rather dull, as in the blue and white cloud is not bright, i tried to overexpose the settings but it still not good enough. Can teach me how to shoot blue sky and the coulds settings?

    And if I want to take indoor shoot, what equipment do I need? In case i need flash, can I use the buildin flash, how is the settings? because last time i tried, the subject is glow so bright but the background is super dark....

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    1.) Use a CPL Filter
    2.) Pump up ur ISO or use a long shutter speed instead of popping your flash.


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