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Thread: Mulu, Sarawak.

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    Default Mulu, Sarawak.

    Hi all,

    Anyone been to Mulu for shoots before? Care to share your experience?


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    Any help?

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    Default Re: Mulu, Sarawak.

    I have been there around 8years ago. What do you want to know about the place? The travelling to Mulu part or the type of photography info or the what is available there?

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    Been there before Yr 2000 .... but no photos to show.
    The cave is HUGE! .... and the millions of bats .
    IMO, the best part will be when you are on the small propeller-aircraft, flying just some metres above the forest ... would want to go back again soon.
    I think you will enjoy that place, esp the resort in the forest.
    always the Light, .... always.


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