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Thread: Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

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    Default Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

    Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

    During the film era, there was not that many cases about stealing images compare to our new era of digital photography.
    These days the crooked people under the good name of Pro-Photographer could steal any images thru internet very easily. Then they could change them little bit and present them as their own hard work to few fools.

    I DO have a proof.

    I managed to caught a thief during my daily critic/comment writing among images. [(K=37501) on 3/3/2006]

    Then I managed the spot this.

    Now examine those images for yourself and judge if I am right in my reason.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to the digital age..... so what's the big deal.

    Now, don't tell me you never cheated in school or lied in your life. We all cheat, lie or steal some point in our lives, unless you are Mr Clean.

    Please don't feel that I am flaming you over this minor issue; I am not. As Confucious had said "when you are pointing your one finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you". Don't you think it is time for self-reflection?
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    Default Re: Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

    u can sue them if u really not happy....

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    Default Re: Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

    That's photo manipulation. I'm not sure about what the general rule is, but for graphics artists (or at least on DevArt), the normal procedure is to use only stock images (or photos that the owner allows you to use), and credit them (some of them don't require that though.. but as courtesy and respect, everyone should). As long as the photomanipulator have got the permissions to use the images, why not? However, if he/she doesn't, then he'll just have to wait to be sued or have other actions taken against him/her.

    Else, if you want to skip the hassles, then don't post up the manipulated pic or use it for commercial purposes at all.. and treat it as a practice piece..

    Again, I'm pretty sure alot of commercial work around uses bits and pieces of people's work very often.. just that it's not significant enough to be noticed.
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