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    i am doing a sculpture and am making it with metal prefereably aluminium ( light ) so need to know if any of u guys can reccomend a factory that deals in this metal. all help will be deeply appreacited.

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    If you're looking for places to buy aluminum (note the proper spelling), there's a shop in St George's Road (Off Lavender Road) that has a large selection.

    If you're looking for a workshop that does aluminum welding, you should know that this is a very difficult thing to do, and probably only specialized workshops (eg bicycle factories) would have the facilities to do this. You HAVE to heat-treat aluminum after welding it, otherwise the welded joints will crack very easily.

    Aluminum is more commonly bonded together with epoxy glue, or riveted together. See if you can design your sculpture to accomodate this instead.

    Lasalle, huh?

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    thanx for the info. and yes from lasalle. but the sculpture is a personal project. i am not in the fine arts dept


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