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    How do i change the colour of the subject? Like say.. a blue flower to a red. I've tried "replace colour" in PS and also changing the saturation but it doesn't work.

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    try adjusting the HUE settings.

    You would also end up changing colours of all the other parts of the photo. You should use an adjustment layer and mask off the areas you wish to retain colours.

    Hope this helps.

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    can try using colour range selection in CS2 to mask out the colour that you want to change and use the Hue/saturation to change it. Have not try it but it should work.

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    Thank you but it won't work.
    I can change the vespa to yellow, but not black. why?

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    like this?

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    COOL! I would like it to be glossy, but how did you do it?

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    many ways to accomplish the task - this using level and color balance

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    I think can boost the reflection up by level to achieve "glossy" look

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    ok.. will the people above enlighten me on how to do it? Need step-by-step instructions. Dummy here. haha.

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    first you need to select the area you want to change.

    then use level adjustment layer to adjust to your taste

    (it is easier to use the level if you want to achieve black color)

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    Ok. Thanks. What i want to achieve is a yellow body and a black side box. But I can't seem to get both. I've tried the level method on the side box which i've already changed to yellow, and it won't work..

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    a quick one...

    use level to achieve black (there are many ways this is easiest)

    now select another part of the scooter and add feather

    i use color balance to get my colour (again many methods)

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    Thanks a lot. But i still can't get the result i want. I tried the levels method and the side box became pitch black. It's like i just paint bucket the whole thing.

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    you need to play with the input & output in the level adjustment.

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    when making such drastic changes like changing from white to black with levels, i would advice that you convert the image to 16bit format first, do the changes, and then flatten and change back to 8bit format if you want or save in 16bit if you want to keep the adjustment layer...this is so that the resultant image would be smoother as changes made in 16bit format will have more leeway for smoother shifts even if the original is 8bit...and if there is still some visible stepping in the affected areas, add a bit of noise to smoothen it out


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