Saw in OCBC got a 6 mths interest free loan up to 120k (Depend on ur salary). Upfront pay 2.5%. If I go n borrow 1k, I am paying $25 extra and within 6 mths, $250 per mth also can pay them back.

Recently my colleague ask me to help him in $ problem. Even after bonus, he ask me to get a loan of $1.5k n he repay me in 4 mths of $500 each. Problem lies on not I don't trust him or whatever. It is that he got $ to gamble, no $ for a living? He earn more than me and in heavy debt, better stay care of him no matter how.

So, next time when someone in $ problem, you also need to think abt it before lending to him. $ hard to earn, easy to gone. Just keep your $ for those you think they need to help. No one will help you when you are in trouble in $, I been there before.