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    Default Transfer Internet domain

    Anyone has any experience in transferring Internet Domain names?

    How do I go abt doing it?


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    Make sure that you are listed as the registrant (with a correct email address), and the domain is unlocked with your current domain registrar.

    Then, initiate the transfer from your new registrar. You'll recieve a confirmation email (sent to your registrant contact). After that, the losing registrar (your old registrar) has 6 days to approve it.

    If you need more help, feel free to ask me.

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    aaarrrrrr.....what I mean was to transfer the name to another person?


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    For the one time I did it with a domain name registered with Network Solutions, the new registrant initiates a request for transfer, paying a US$3 fee in the process.

    The original registrant gets the request via email pointing to a URL to approve the transfer. You then select confirmation or denial.

    If the original registrant does nothing in two weeks, the transfer the aborted and the US$3 won't be refunded BTW.

    The procedure should be quite similar for other domain name registrars.

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    Network solutions is a blood sucker, almost no one charges for failed transfers anymore.

    To transfer to someone else, its very simple. Simply give him/her the login name/password after you have recieved your compensation for the domain and have the person change the registrant contact to his name.

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    What about the contractual agreement entered into with the registrar when you first got the domain name?

    I did consider just changing the names etc forgoing the official transfer steps but decided otherwise. At least some sort of records for the transaction lah especially with people you don't know.

    Individual levels of comfort I guess.


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