Personally I don't consider DSLR as light.

For Travel with DSLR, I bring at least 2 lens & possible add one Macro Lens + accessory. The "Stuff" with me now in Israel (1 year). Minolta 5D, 80~200/2.8, 18~55/3.5, 50/1.4, 5400HS, ++ Angle Finder, Expodisc, Filters, HDD, Laptop, Aluminum box .... Oh... Always use Cokin "RED Enhanser" to bring more color. The Red Enhanser improves "Holiday Picture" a lot. For me 28mm seems enough for travel. I use software to join them together for larger pictures. Even Jordan's Peta's was capture on these lens.

Oh .... Don't forget that Tripod that we hate. Will save your life for night photograph & it's worth that weight.

For really light, just Sony DSC-828 or Canon G1 or Zeiss Ikon Nettar (Medium Format). That's it. Trust me, it's really enough. I uses Canon PhotoStitch for long Digital shots. Furthermore both compacts does Good Macro.

In the end it boils down to your skill, not equipment alone. Not sharp pictures or colorful photo will win. Your photos need to have that IMPACT when people look at it. Equipments only helps, it's not everything. Always ask yourself, early photographer don't have high tech equipments. They can do it, so can we.