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Thread: C2100 results - Reality VS result

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    I was out for few pictures today , at almost sun down , its a cold day like 10C ,and the moon was out early .

    So i took some manual shots of the moon, with F8 & 1/400 spot focus , and by changing the light settings in spot metering , the EVF start showing all the back round as black , ok i just got surprised for a moment ,then i did realize that the camera was just adjusting .

    The results of spot & spot settings look better in the eye , but the question is a litle confusing , does the realism of the moment ,counts more than the result ?

    Olympus C2100 X3 - E100RS - C220
    IS/L lenses ALL :-D

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    Did you attach ur A200 when shooting the Moon????

    Also, the last pix is alot more clearly defined than the 2nd one which is kinda fuzzy...motion blur????

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    No i did not use the A200 at that time .
    And the picture of the moon is handheld .
    The point is that with spot focus and multi-metering ,the shot come out normal .
    With the spot & spot setting ,the camera compensate it self the light , and the blue sky come up as black , or deep blue .
    Olympus C2100 X3 - E100RS - C220
    IS/L lenses ALL :-D


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