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Thread: Assistance needed with SOny 707.

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    Default General assistance needed with Sony CybershotDSC-F707

    Got myself a 707..Got some questions/difficulties :

    1. Tried to take photos of an aquarium close up but keeps getting blurry fishes. Camera is set to auto with macro enabled. How to obtain a clear shot ?

    2. How do i take fast moving objects at night but also have the surroundings and background visible ? i tired turning the shutter to 1000 with flash set to HIGH and i can see the object "freeze" but the surroundings/background is either too dark or not even visible.

    3.How does the EV work on the 707 ?

    4.I tried to take a photo of a person who is moving in the foreground and i want to the background to be blur, i tried to use the manual focus , manage to get the blur background but the person is in motion in the foreground thus making it blur. How to i work on it ? Is it a different setting/technique in the daytime and night ?

    5.I don't understand the function of SCN on the 707, can someone tell me when do i use that function and what is that for ?

    Thanks for sharing for those who reply. Hope to learn from you all professional SOny 707 users. If you have any tricks/tips for using the camera, i really like to hear from you.
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