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Thread: Which is better?

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    Default Which is better?

    May I know which one looks better? Or which one do you prefer? Or both are not good at all??
    Both are taken in Botanic Garden but forget the name of the plant liao
    Please give me your most generous comments.
    Thanks in advance.



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    Default Re: Which is better?

    not bad for abstract, good for wallpaper.

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    Default Re: Which is better?

    i prefer pic 2 for the contrast, angle and u see more of the leaf.

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    Default Re: Which is better?

    thanks for the comments and vote guys ....

    more please .... Thanks

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    Default Re: Which is better?

    2nd one. More composition and colour character. First is bland to me.

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    Default Re: Which is better?

    #1 from one glance it's attention catching


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