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Thread: Newbie here, please help recommend a digital camera

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    Originally posted by fruitybix
    Yaoxing, you will not go wrong with the 602z.

    If you want to shoot matches, you will need fast AF, big zoom, and minimal shutter release. Few of the cams mentioned so far will have all of those features, at ard. $800 (2nd hand).
    What about the Olympus 730UZ compared to S602Z? What disadvantages does the 730UZ have?

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    Originally posted by ericp
    Beware that these consumer/prosumer-type digicams may not be able to follow the fast pace of sports matches well (unless you're talking about a chess match). I have a 6900Z (similar to S602Z), and even with a long (35-210mm) and bright (f/2.8 at the wide end) lens, many action shots end up blurred because the AF mechanism cannot keep up.

    If you want something for fast-paced sports, at a budget, stay with film. Otherwise you will end up with lots of blurred images.

    This is only in my experience ... I'd love to hear from someone who can confirm that some of those digicams suggested above can follow fast action well.
    The 602 is quite adequate for such shots as it has a far greater DOF than conventional film SLRs. Shooting at f2.8 on it is roughly equal to shooting at f11 on an SLR in terms of DOF. This helps to compensate for minor lags in focusing.

    In any case, the 25shot, 5fps buffer helps alot in capturing action sequences otherwise unattainable with anything other than top of the line film cameras.

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