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Thread: Cyclists vs Pedestrians

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    have thought about this long ago here's a chance to air my views....

    the harm that cyclist can cause to pedestrians on the walkway is FAR FAR less compared to what other motorist post to cyclist... hence
    cyclist and pedestrians should just try to coexist.... singapore is very easy to impliment rules.. just come up with some simple rules on what should be done when the 2 meet....
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    cyclist and pedestrians should just try to coexist....
    yeah... thats the only thing we can do. my place has a trach for pedestrians and one for cyclists. i still see them walking on the bike lane. so wat am i to do , since they are in the wrong.. just run over them?

    that thread just brought out the nature of Sgporeans as the " I want to complain" mentality. very embarassing.

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    streetshooter, that post i made was because of the "simply bochup"ness of the person shielding the child from vehicles behind.

    now, the best place for a child to cycle is definitely not on the open roads, not especially along dunearn road where you get a motley mix of dumpster trucks, bendy buses and benzes...

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    All it takes is a little give and take... perhaps cyclists should be pedestrians once in a while and vice versa to understand each others' viewpoint and difficulties

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