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Thread: Tele-convertor for 80-200

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    I would like to get a tele-coventor for my 80-200 nikon. Can you guy share your experience, which type and brand of tele-convertor you all use? Is AF can function when using this tele-convertor.

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    Teleconverter.... that's a double sided sword. Sounds like a great idea to increase you focal length but it comes with a lot of negative points as well.

    For starters i would use only a Nikon TC. A TC has glass in it and it has to be of best quality to match your lens (which is a superb one).

    Second, you will loose that fantastic large aperture of 2.8. A 2x TC will result in a drop of two stops, hence it becomes 5.6.

    Third, the camera's ability to use AF is reduced. The focusing of a lens is adjusted to its focal length. to focus from 5-10m for example you need to turn the focus ring by lets say 1/4 of a turn. With the TC you change the focal length but not the focusing system, which means that in 1/4 turn you focuse now from maybe 5m to 20m. This will result in "hunting" of the AF.

    To summarize it:
    + increase in focal length
    + cheap
    - loss in sharpness
    - loss in aperture
    - loss in AF

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    Default Re: Tele-convertor for 80-200

    go for kenko 1.4x or 2x... cost is about $240 from CP.

    iirc mostnikon one can't do AF with non-AFS lens, and they cost a bomb... >2x of kenko.


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