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    hi... although im not new in tis forum, and i actually had my own equipment but im quit a shy person. what i need i think is xposeure anybody can help?

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    erm, wat do u mean by wat u need is exposure?

    do u mean u want to go for more photoshoot outings? or do u mean u wan to know how to shoot in a manner that gives u properly exposed photos?

    aiya, shy nevermind one la. just be yourself. i m sure everyone here wont bite u
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    You mean you want to be involved in group photoshoots and gatherings? Everyone started new too. Just join some of the outings organised or start organising outings and you would get to know more people. There are regular outings organised. Just go and enjoy yourself in these outings. Doesn't matter which system you are using. Recently, our Sony/KM group was supposed to have a year end gathering/shoot but due to schedule most of them are not able to make it, then i started to organise one and there are 2 great bros who turned up and now I get to know 2 more nice bros whom i've never met before and i do learn from them. If you want, I can go shooting with you that's if I can make it. Just PM me.
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    STARTING: 14. Where to practice?
    - START SHOOTING, join the outing columns. so many outing should have serve various communities from newbies, to girls, to weirdos (just kidding). or scroll to the last posting update for upcoming events. of cos there is ppl like me who dun join outing but shoots travel photography.
    - check out and scroll to the last update for the list of city and landscape venues


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