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    Default Sharper Pictures?

    Hello all,

    Not too sure if this is the correct place to post in... (since I'm a newbie doing macro shots...)

    Anyway, took around 100+ shots, and only these are satisfactory (to the untrained eye, me)...

    How can I further improve taking bees like this? Once I set to macro mode, and set the settings... I would need the bees to hover at the place for that 'instant' where I can snap away, alas.. timing still got long way to go..

    So is the only way to get the pictures crispy sharp (on the bees), the timing (at which the bees are at the correct position) is all that matters?

    No closeup filters were used (perhaps a blessing in disguise?) as I didn't bring them along (objective is to take sunrise pics.. doh, cloudy day)...

    the pics are here..

    Or is it better if I put the img inline here direct?

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    Did u stop down ?? (Use a small aperture like f22, f16) A way to make sure ur pics are sharp in macro is to make sure that ur cam is as parallel to th plane that u are taking the picture

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    I'd used only f4.5, the highest i can go is F9.0 or so... taken on a normal digital camera ...

    Hmm, will try F9.0 and see how the effect comes out next time I see bees thanks a lot!

    Would using F9.0 mean I've to expose longer since the amt of light going in is much lesser?

    I chose F4.5 or so as I merely wanted the things I"m focusing on to be clear, the rest... fuzzed out.. or a much higher F can still do that in macro mode?


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