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Thread: Facades of available Light

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    Default Facades of available Light

    3 different perspectives to share

    somehow w/o sharpening, lines will still appear jagged.

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    Default Re: Facades of available Light

    I am attracted to the shadows and lightnings in the 2nd and 3rd pic...

    would it be better if there is a human subject in it ? hehe dunnoe
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    Default Re: Facades of available Light

    I like it No. 1 especially.

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    for no 1 i would have gone for more exposure so that the window is washed out thereby removing the distracting pattern outside. also, that would have brought out the details on the staircase further. lower and wider camera angle would have emphasized on the height of the stair case and depth of the image. then i would have tried to add contrast, increase the tonal range and add little grain for additional affect. but thats just the way i imagine this picture.

    the remaining two are not attractive enough perhaps because of the arrangement of floor lines.


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    interesting perspectives too.

    i have a penchant for shadows


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