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    Appreciate any comment

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    Good idea, but bad execution and bad timing. If the picture was taken earlier in the day, the powder is clean, with only a few trails showing, it can be powerful. Right now, the snow is a mess, too cluttered, too distracting.

    Also, the skier is not really in focus. And you were not able to capture or did not capture the skier's trail on the snow. I can barely see the skier turning (see the left edge of the picture), but it did not give any sense of motion, action, and speed.
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    Picture is soft. Focus bad, or handshake?

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    1st thing that kills it is the focus / sharpness
    2nd thing - contrast, the white balance can be adjusted to give whiter whites
    3rd - title, quite humdrum isnt it

    compositionally and conceptually not that bad though.
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    Note: I don't think mobile phone pictures quality could really comprise as feature work yet right? Or it certainly looks like it.

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    Thanks for everyone's comment.
    Will try better.


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