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Thread: Got Accepted into The Georgia Institute of Technology! But....

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    Default Got Accepted into The Georgia Institute of Technology! But....

    Receieved it through Email.

    They want me to enroll starting in Summer.

    I still have 3 months of My national service to do. It ends in July 03. Thats why i applied for Fall term. I don't want to defer it by 3 months and having to come back after my degree to complete the last 3 months.

    What should i do?

    I have a friend there who got the same acceptance letter but appealed to go in Fall and they got him in Fall. But the email told me that they couldnt guarantee me a place in Fall should i reject the summer term. Are they just saying that to press me for a decision?

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    If it is only for 3 months, you can come back and serve during your holidays. I had a few friends who did that, but that was 3 years back. You might want to double check with MINDEF.

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    i'm doing my police NS in the relaxing office of the Ministry of home affairs

    ANyway,they probably forecasted a huge applicant pool. But applications have ceased on Jan 15.
    SO i, like everyone else probably got this letter. There's no way, the application pool could have gotten bigger after that.

    I don't want to come back and do the last 3 months during my holidays
    thats damn crap. And i only have 9 days to respond to this mail.
    huge dilemma

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    is there a long vacation break?
    you should be able to come back to serve the remainder of your NS.

    Georgia Institue of Technology - Good U.
    hmm... how come i didn't go overseas years ago ....
    looks like that is the trend nowadays ...

    Looks like you can spend lots of time travelling and snapping.

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    yeap... should be able to come back during hols to serve the remaining 3 mths... this is possible for SAF, but i guess police should have the same policy with regards to disruption.
    Think it's a great chance not to be missed
    even if it turns out that u can onli serve the remaining after you graduate, that may not be tt bad... u can use the 3 mths (i suppose wld be less if u got leave to clear?) to look for job... most prob u'll just end up doing more lobo stuff... and maybe there may be pay increment during that time! ;P

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    I'll be appealing to the admissions office stating my case.
    My friend who's there now got the same email last year

    He says that they're just trying to weed out those that applied to Georgia tech as a safety school.

    So with a little bit of "Sincerity and Bullsh*tting", i should be able to get Fall. Just show them i',m sincere in going there as my first choice

    My uncle's there, i can save tons on living expenses.
    so i need to get there!


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