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    Hi there,just curious what type of software use to create Coffebook,most of the csers used PS and I found it a bit difficult using it cause not used to it .Any other software that is easy to use to create this coffebook.


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    Other than PS, I can't think of any other software that is able to do graphic editing and layout.

    Or I am simply ignorant of other softwares available

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    Try Adobe In-design.
    Very good layout software.
    Used commonly in publication house.

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    Adobe InDesign was developed to be the replacement for the ancient Pagemaker. It is best used as a layout tool, specialising in text composition & pagination. You still need to fall back to Photoshop to effectively manipulate your images/pictures.

    In my course of work, i only need to use Photoshop & Freehand. I find Freehand is more versatile, it is like InDesign combined with Illustrator.

    If you want to learn these softwares, best go to simlim or buy online those interactive Video tutorials that will guide u step by step from the basic!
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