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Thread: How to add lenses to my Canon A610

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    I have a PowerShot A610 5 Mega pixel. I heard that extra lenses can be mounted onto the camera. May I know how do I do it? What are the things I need? I hope to use it to shoot some wide angle shots, close up shots and scenery shots. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks!

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    yup, u can add converters to your A610. You would need to buy a lens adapter, which can be bought from shops like cathay or alan foto. There are wide angle converters and also telephoto converters, which basically multiplies your focal length by either less than 1 for wider angle, or more than 1 for telephoto. 3rd party lens adapters and converters are also available besides the Canon ones which are much more expensive. However, its better to try the lens at the shop first coz it might cause vignetting and would be a total waste of money instead.

    Hope this helps!
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    You need to get a lens adapter looks like this

    It comes with original canon and 3rd party brands. When you get the add-on lens like teleconverter, ensure the size is the same as the adapter size.
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