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    Hi I was juz wondering where i could get parts for my Slr Canon EOS66 35mm Film Camera. My dad gave it to me as a chrismas presant when we were in Hong Kong(Second Hand). Since im new to this Im not very sure where i could get those parts in Singapore. Thanks

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    Oh yah the lens is a canon EF 28-80 Lens and has small dots of fungus growing Inside it. About 5 to 6 dots. I think i heard someone said before that must send back to manufacturer and clean and will cost alot of $$. Is there another way? Thanks again

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    it's not worth cleaning. the lens itself will fetch only ard $80 on the 2nd hand market, and that is if you're lucky. you're better off buying a 2nd hand kit lens from someone else.

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    I would bring it back to Canon for repair. They can suggest what to do with it (clean or replace) and it will still be your decision. This will cost you a minimum sum for service but it will be deductable from the total repair charge.

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    So which ones cheaper? And I forgot to say that my lens was a usm if im not wrong. Is a 28-80 usm lens worth $80? And how much would cleaning cost around?


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