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Thread: Newbie to car/motorsports photography

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    Good day people, and happy new year!

    I'm a journalist that is looking to pull a one man's show, basically take GOOD, semi-pro/pro quality photos to the best of my ability (after all the practice of course) as I am working freelance now...

    I would like to find out from those motorsports junkies in here, what is the best combination of equipment, and photo techniques that are commonly used.

    I have yet to get a camera, and I am currently deciding between a 400D for its new tech, or the D70s.

    For aftermarket support which brand has more support for sporting applications?

    Do list the kind of lens used, so I have an idea of what to buy when I start off. I was thinking of a 80-200mm f/2.8 but I don't know if that will do...heh


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    well, imo u should try to lend and get a feel of the 400D and D70s, see which one you are more comfortable with, like the whole feel of the camera plus the navigation etc. see which one u feel more at home with.

    basically you should learn and read up, but most importantly PRACTISE on composition basics, cos that's about the only thing they can't automate. and another tip from me is your angles angles angles. from where do you take a pic of the car?

    try going down to the carpark, take pics of a single car. low angle or standing? close up? concentrate on one point? (eg headlight, brand logo, name badge)

    hope all this will help you, though i'm not pro, I love cars, esp drifting ^^
    add me on msn -
    take a look at my flickr, also got car shots inside

    Cheers n Happy shooting ^^
    Canon 400D:18-55:75-300:50F1.8:tokina 28-70F2.8:
    msn -

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    Default Re: Newbie to car/motorsports photography

    20d + 70-200/2.8L non IS + 2x (kenko pro) + kit lens + 430ex + some cf cards


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