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Thread: Anyone using Creative Nomad II MP3 player?

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    Default Anyone using Creative Nomad II MP3 player?

    Hi, have been using this for along time and it hasnt given me any problem til now. Just yesterday when I tried to open the Nomad Manager, the program loads up, opens for like 1 second and then automatically close. I re-installed it but now the problem is still there. I haven been able to change the mp3s in my mp3player.

    Wondering if anyone has the same problem? It shouldnt be a memory problem as I have 256MB and the only programs that I open other than Nomad Manager is mIRC. Oh, and my setup is Pentium 4 2.4Ghz. 256Mb. Hp Pavilion.

    PS: I've emailed Creative also but the reply hasnt come yet.

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    Maybe some program u installed recently has a conflict?

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    could it be ur os?

    read that dunno which model of creative's mp3 players cant work with XP....

    not sure if its ur model tho...

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    but i've been using the nomad manager on this new pc for about....3 months? only know did it gave me problem. recently installed a game but duno if that is the cas,e perhaps I should delete the game and try again? thanks for your help

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    deleted the game, deleted the nomad manager, reinstalled nomad manager. still cant load the program. anyone can help?

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    Have you tried downloading the latest drivers/software from

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    ya...tried already...but the program still loads and auto exit..

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    How about using other software like Creative PlayCenter (I'm assuming it's not the same as Nomad Manager, since I'm using a Nomad II MG with PlayCenter), or the softwares listed here.

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    Use playcenter can. But then...after I installed playcenter, my MusicMatch jukebox cannot be used! argh... the same problem for my musicmatch jukebox... double click musicmatch icon... then shows the icon to load... then nothing happened! what happened man?


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