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    If someone is to use a photographer's photographs for commercial use, what the range of rates that should be charge? Are these rates for a term period only or totally flexible according to any contract?

    I'm looking for a feel for such contracts. For eg: Photographs put up in a shop/restaurant. What are the typical charges for the usage.

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    Normally commercial usage charges are high and it would also depend on the medium on which it is reproduced as well as the number of times it is to be reproduced. Normally commercial licenses are for 1 year periods stating that type of media which it cam be re-produced. This licence and be re-newed or augmented with addition distribution rights (lets say from digital media to print ads in magazines) with charges added depending on the photographer. I do not now how much the rates go though so I can't help you there.

    My information is based on what I have learnt from asking around but it may not be accurate or applicable to your case. Hope it helps somewhat..
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    A rule of thumb, an image used on any form of mass publications (posters, magazines, etc) is limited by the number of prints and time. Usaually in the hundreds. While those use on web or broadcast goes in the thousands, like 5k or more. I worked with a local stock image company 2 years ago.

    Best go to stock images library and check out their rates or ask for their rate cards, like Gettys, Photolibrary, etc.

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    Basically, as others have pointed out, commercial rates depend on usage duration and media. Other points to consider include any location and model fees.

    Duration could be as short as a one time usage, for weeks, or 1yr, 2yr or more, or full buyout where the client buys the full rights and can use the images forever...cost, or "loading", logically increases with duration.

    Different media with different visibility will incur different charges or "loadings". Generally the more visible the medium, the higher the loading. Also, the more markets (countries) you want to use the image/s, the higher the loading. And of course, the higher the value the market (eg. Japan, the US and A ), the more expensive the loading.

    Duration and media combine to give the photography loading. This is the photographer or agency's loading, their cut for allowing the client to use the image.

    Depending on the type of shot, if it incurs location and model fees, obviously the client would be required to foot any such recurring loading fees. In this case, I mean models in 2 categories, the "Model" model, as in those you see in fashion spreads and such who would uncur higher loadings, and "Talents", people who fit the particular scenario of that image, who will incur less. And of course, the above factors of duration and media come into play as well. This is the model and location loadings, the model (more likely their agency's) and location owner's cut for their participation in the image. If the image to be used is from a stock photography agency such as C----- or G----, then these charges are usually already covered by the agency, who would hold full buyout of those rights.

    Taking the TS's example of images for a restaurant, the medium in question is only the shopfront of the image. Usually, can also get them to throw in usage in menu's as well...but if one intends to use it for flyers, brouchers, or other print types that would be outside the local of the restaurant, copyright holders would usually charge more. You would then have to consider the duration the image is gonna be used for. Also, if we are talking about food shots, then models and location would usually not play a part. But if we are talking about shots of like people eating then model fees (other than stock images) might come into the picture. If the location of the shot is other than the restaurant in question, then that would come into play as well.

    How much each element would cost in absolute dollar terms would depend on the repute of the photographer and the execution of the image (how complex is the shot). If you are talking about getting a photographer to create the images from scratch then the shoot cost would also come in.
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