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Thread: Require Assistance - Entry Level DSLR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takumi View Post
    Thanks guys, it's a bit of an arrow for me. I'm pretty new to the school, but I'm considering getting the 400D, and a telephoto and an wide angle... (correct? sorry me noob)

    I think we need to ensure that the kids can shoot decent performance photos on stage as well as chronicle school events as well as take semi-decent photos that we can use for PR purposes. Lotsa photos taken indoors on stage have bad lighting, so I guess we got to consider that as a factor.

    Thing is, must convince principal and IT HOD. Thinking of how to make words more convincing as well as searching for a photog hobbyist teacher that is more senior, so that he can endorse my claims.
    "bad" lighting? How bad is bad? no light at all ah?

    Tell the P, if you want to get good shots, in good lighting conditions, a wide plus tele combo is a must, and DSLRs have the option of expansion, which prosumers don't. A tele is important, very much so, and tell the P if you don't have the $ to buy a tele, might as well get a prosumer. Prosumer-wise, the shots at both tele and wide aren't that great, keep in mind, but you are getting a compromise (at the expense of getting much poorer quality shots)

    P.S: You might want to add this little bit: All the good schools are using DSLRs. =P hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takumi View Post
    Hello I require assistance -

    The school where I teach in - the principal has requested that I recommend an entry level DSLR for the kids of the photography club to use. I'm fairly new at this kind of thing! I don't know squat about DSLRs!

    Can any assist in providing a good review website or any proper entry level cams or lenses? Or give me some guy from some shop that knows his stuff?

    I'm pretty good with an IXUS point and shoot, but this thing is a whole new ballgame to me!

    I've gone through some sites and the Canon 350D seems like a good camera to use...

    Awaiting and appreciating your assistance!
    Are you the HOD-IT of the school. Hehe... just curious...
    For my school, my photography club incharge got a set of 350D + 580ex + backup battery + grip, for his photography club. Lately, i heard that he also got the Sony DSLR, alpha.

    So if you want entry levels one, perhaps a 400D?

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    In the end, we got :

    2 Canon 400d
    1 430 EX Speedlite
    1 70-300 lens

    So far...

    Any more recommendations? I think we'll have to get a low light lens for shooting indoors, e.g. stage performances...

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