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Thread: Do you like MS Internet Explorer 7 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpixel View Post
    1. Select Tools->Internet Options
    2. In the General tab you'll see a memo box for your homepage
    3. Add each home page on a new line
    4. Click OK

    Many thanks for this and the plug in URLs, Deadpixel.

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    Default Re: Do you like MS Internet Explorer 7 ?

    I have to agree IE& sucks! it totally screwed up my outlook. Now i cannot send but can receive! how can this happen? and Starhub dunno how to help me also... and that stupid Microsoft Technical Support I called, the guy on the other side of the phone is not even technical trained!! then why put him on the technical support helpdesk?? Some more, he told me that he cannot transfer me to a technical guy cos I'm not in front of the pc that has problem. (I'm calling from work. They knock off at 7pm) How come cannot just transfer me to a proper technical support person and then go through with me the steps to change my settings. That's so simple... just dun understand why it's like that

    I'll just head home and uninstall IE7 and NEVER install it again.

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    I'll say that I prefer IE7 to IE6. I can't live without RSS feeds, so it's good to have those built into the browser itself. IE7 makes it easier for web developers to code as well, although it's still far from being fully standards compliant. Stuff like PNG opacity support may seem minor but it's a life saver for web designers who had to implements hacks and workarounds to get them to work properly in IE6.

    As for those who're complaining that your favourite sites don't work in IE7 and would rather stick with IE6, you'll start seeing more and more broken pages on IE6. Since web developers will slowly start to develop only for IE7, which is what the majority of their viewers will be using. And those sites which doesn't work in IE7 now, expect them to be fixed soon since MS has already started rolling out IE7 to its worldwide users.

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