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    O, nice mood. But why chop off the boat on the right? I would prefer either a tighter crop to feature only 1 or 2 boats, if not, wider view will be good......just my personal view, I am learning too.

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    Perfectly still water surface gives the feeling that the boats are on a smooth reflective surface.

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    Almost perfect, pity about the crop on the right. Guess it couldn't be avoided because of the other reflections right?

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    looks great but will be fabulous if you could just feather off the black line and patch on the top right hand corner. superb nonetheless!
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    Is that the real color of the boats?
    It looks rather desaturated, kind of blending in to the water

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    eh .... would you mind making a black and white version of this picture ... filter out the top right corner stuffs ,,,, small request.
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