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Thread: S45. as webcam? 2nd-hand? shortcomings?

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    Default S45. as webcam? 2nd-hand? shortcomings?

    woah!!!dis gonna be my first posting!someone mentioned tt S30 can function as a webcam also. is that true? or issit impossible to hv dat? coz im tinkg of getting a S45 in the nex few days and wd be happy if it can function as a webcam also.

    and it was also mentioned tt 2 shops at Penin was selling the S45 for $750. very hard to believe tho!! is it possible that the $750 pieces are second-hand stuffs? if come its dirt cheap for a camera like S45...

    and if possible, can anyone list any blatant shortcomings of dis camera? 1 more thing i nid to know, the video capture come wif sound rite? and does hvg a biggr storage space means a longer continous video capture? or does it rely on buffer?

    thx alot guys for any replies. juz had dis interest for photography suddenly now... donno y oso...

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    To answer your questions:

    - As far as I know, S30 and S45 do not function as a webcam. (But anyone like to confirm this with me?)
    - I do not believe that there are really shops selling S45 at $750 without any gimmicks. They might be selling 2nd-hand goods, or they might just want you to buy other accessories at higher prices. But of course, you can go to that shop and ask and determine yourself if the price they quote is reliable.
    - 1 thing I don't like abt S45 is the SET button. A bit difficult to control leh.
    - Yes, the video capture comes with sound. The max you can record is 3 mins at a time. ie. even if you have a card with 512mb, you can only record 3 mins of video at one time. But of course, you can record as many '3 mins videos' as your card can store. And of course, say if you only have a 8mb card, dont expect it to be able to record up to 3 mins because there is not enough space for 3 mins video.

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    yes the set button sucks.. one of the reason i sold mine..


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