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    hey guys how do u do a proper panning? tried to do it but i get motion blur... sigh

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    1/30 ~ 1/60 shutter depending on speed and PAN. practice practice!

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    I mount on my tripod and pan.
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    i tried with longer exposures..up to .5 sec..anything more than that not good liaoz..

    anyway i realised the key to good panning shot..u have to trial @ the road 1st...get a gauge of how the vehicles move..wat speed... then try to track one point (not the entire car) of the car all the for me..i would place my centre of the viewfinder over the windscreen or front license plate..practise that 1st to get ur speed right

    A common problem is one u press shutter, u never follow thru n carry on panning @ the right speed... so u have to tell urself to follow thru properly...

    practise more lah..that's wat i'm trying now..haha!

    My lack-of-practice shots

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