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Thread: Cant think of a good name for this pic yet

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    Default Cant think of a good name for this pic yet

    My 2nd contribution!
    Went on the 2nd photo outing (since i bought my D80) with my girl to the botanical gdn. Happened to see her a dist away staring intently at the sun from under a tree. (think she was bout to take some macro shots with my old Nik CP5400 and the sunlight is getting her pissed ) Took some candid shots of her.

    Cant think of a good name for the shot yet. Feel free to suggest. hehe.
    1/200, f/6.3, iso200 @135mm.
    cropping, slight contrast and lighting adjustment with picasa.

    Pls C&C. I hope to get some comments on composition (i've got some problem with the cropping, am i breaking the guideline if i post the same image but with a diff crop??) and exposure.

    Feel free to shoot me down.

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    Default Re: Cant think of a good name for this pic yet

    no need to think... its just another snapshot.

    there is too much flaw to say its a keeper.
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