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  • DNG only

    1 3.23%
  • TIFF only

    2 6.45%
  • PSD only

    1 3.23%
  • JPEG only

    6 19.35%
  • Combo, depending on factors eg. significance, commercial value

    21 67.74%
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Thread: Archival formats

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    Default Archival formats

    Just a poll to gauge popularity of DNG. I've saved all my photo files in NEF(Nikon) and sometimes coupled with JPEG, TIFF, or PSD. And now wonder if I should move towards just using DNG instead to ensure future compatibility and space savings.
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    If the pic had extensive editing one I usually save it as a PSD of not it stays as a cr2. For shots that are not really keepers or just for snaps for friends then its the original jpg that gets kept.
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    Never used DNG before :P same as raptor. except i'm a nikon shooter thus, NEF. Sort of like keeping the original negatives.

    Archiving everything in PSD is a little too extreme for me :P Especially when the file sizes range from 50 to 200Mb
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    Below might be useful (from It does sound convincing that proprietary camera makers seem to be reluctant to open up and reach a consistent standard that benefits everyone.
    The RAW Problem

    In the short history of digital photography, manufacturers have released numerous cameras with constantly evolving RAW formats. This has lead to the existence of a vast number of RAW "dialects," even within each major brand, that store image and camera setting data in a different manner.
    In some cases manufacturers have even encrypted the data within newer RAW files. Intentionally or not this encryption has placed full access to the images stored in these files out of reach of the photographers that took them. Unless, of course, they limit themselves to tools sold by the camera manufacturer.
    To date, this vast number of RAW formats has been hidden by the transparent support offered in RAW converter software, provided by both the camera manufacturer and various third parties. At the time of writing, the open source dcraw converter currently supports more than 200 formats. However, as manufacturers lose interest in their discontinued products, and drop support for them, the true impact of all of these "dialects" will be felt.
    Photographers will find their older images inaccessible, as future software versions lose support for older cameras. In the worst cases, entire brands may disappear, as has already happened with Contax.

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    With the release of the Adobe DNG RAW converter software and the new RAW converter profiles it shouldn't be an issue anymore to convert the whole load of archived RAW files, regardless which camera brand or model.


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