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Thread: QTVR with Tokina 12-24.

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    Default QTVR with Tokina 12-24.

    Just got myself a Tokina 12-24mm lens. Great lens! And now I wont to make some neat QTVR 360*180 multi row panoramas. Thinking of getting the Nodal Ninja or mafrotto sph head. The main question here is Will the Tokina 12-24mm work flawless to make panos with? I want NO (very little) post processing and making lines align and so on. I have done pano before with Nikon D200 and with D100 with the sigma 8mm and had very hard to find the nodal point. I always got some lines that where broken. And that annoys me alot! I did try alot of differ settings, but still got broken lines. How many pictures do I need to get a 360*180 pano with the tokina 12-24?

    Thats everything. Would love fast answers becous I'm going on a trip tomorrow. Have a nice christmas everyone.

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    for pana, the more the better. and the longer focal length used, the less distortion normally.


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