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    pls comment on this photo. thanks.

    1st i shoot the building (dropoff point only) with the dome. somehow feel not balance, so i include the triangle top and the dome, but now i feel it is not "grand" enough.

    if i shift more to the right, i will include the top of the YMCA building.
    i find the building at the back, on the left of the photo quite anoyying.
    should i shift more to the right and clone away the 2 buildings? like that very artificial lay. cant decide.
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    should i shift more to the right and clone away the 2 buildings?

    yep! i think its not much of a problem cos the bg sky already quite dark.

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    Actually I like the nice immaculate white crisp look of your shot. Ok it doesn't look as grand. If you want that, look at the museum's web site. They've got one taken from the opposite side of the road from SMU. Slightly earlier in the evening on a clear day (pray for it lah) say 6.45pm. Good job.

    Thanks for sharing. I went there today and shot some too. But my shots of the build was shitty. It was the patterns in the museum and the people and the infamous swinging lamps that caught my eye. Haven't process them yet.


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    Default Re: National Museum

    such a pity that you didn't take one of the windows.

    but a very well lit picture, nicely contrasted, perspective a bit distorted (pretty normal, but that can be fixed with PS) but good attempt.


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