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    Hi everyone,

    I have a dry cabi which i use to store my 400D and lens. At the same time, My dad has an antique SLR from 30 years ago. I would like to store his camera in the dry cabi too.

    His camera and lens have fungus on them. If i store his camera and mine together, will the fungus spread to my camera even though it's in the dry cabi?

    Please advise!

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    No, fungus need moist to live so they will died once you put in the dry cabi.

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    Hi ingendaryl,

    as long as you keep the relative humidity level of the dry cabinet at about 40-50%, you should be OK. Too late to do anything about the fungus infested gear though...

    Fungus spores (seeds) are everywhere. We just can't see them with the naked eye. Under certain conditions (ie: humidity, no air flow, darkness, etc...) the spores will germinate (grow) and cause damage to surfaces (eg: mirrors, lenses, etc...) of equipment.

    Storing stuff in a dry cabinet only prevents/retards the germination process, the spores are on the equipment, but don't "hatch". Hence, no damage is done to the equipment.

    Example: Store a piece of bread in the fridge (low humidity and low temperature) and you should not see mould for a few days at least. Leave the same piece of bread on the table over-night, and you'll see green mould all over it in the morning.

    Hope this helps.



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