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    took this during a fren's birthday..

    shot on 50mm 1.8, some shots are kinda shaky due to my handshake..

    juz wanna know how can i improve on my framing and arrangement of this montage..

    critics pls!!

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    your pics all underexpose. composition need super serious work on, cos there is blank space everywhere.

    if blanks are on purpose, then your arrangement have serious problem... anyway, this pic doesn't work in anyway.
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    noted.. thx!

    anymore comments?

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    I think they are decent enough, since this isn't a controlled model shoot and more of spontaneous shoot.

    What you could do in future would be to use "slow-sync" flash. While this would not help with sharpness, it would correctly expose the background resulting in more "pleasant" loking photos. Of course if you are indoors, bounce flash coupled with ~1/60 shutter would do well.

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    slow sync flash ar? so far i only got the in-built flash from my cam...

    maybe i shud invest in an SB man..

    thnx for the advice!

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    it helps to turn on your continuous shooting mode, so got more pics to choose from.

    happy shooting ^^
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