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    Default Harbour @ Night

    An opportunistic grainy shot without tripod. Not a good quality and prob composition as well. Nevertheless, upz for critiques.
    Take a shot, freeze the moment.

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    leaning tower,
    tilted horizon,
    top right part of photo with leaves silhouette is distracting,
    colours are off,

    bad snapshot.
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    things to keep in mind:
    use the grid lines aka "Rule of Thirds" to position ur horizon straight
    maybe put building on one of the lines
    And lastly check for distracting objects before and after shooting,

    I know sometimes too dark to see, that's why I take multiple shots ^^
    I would take my first shot with high ISO plus long expo, though blurry, so can see stuff...after that do proper exposure...
    It helps to turn on ur continuous shooting mode, at least u aga after 10 shots, 1 should turn out just fine..

    Cheers and Merry Christmas ^^

    PS: it helps to carry a mini-tripod around, just for these occasions ^^
    buy it and throw it into ur bag... ^^
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