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Thread: Blur First Timer!

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    Cool Blur First Timer!

    Hi, I have just brought a Nikon 885, but since i'm very new, i don't know hw to maximise the camera. If i want to sent the digital image for priting what resolution should i set? Btw, anyone want to share their experience in using this camera?


    Blur man!

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    By all means try to get a decent sized storage card, and shoot at the best quality setting. When you go to the lab just send in the image at the best resolution - no downsizing save for some cropping due to the photo editing process.

    Your CP885 may have a RAW mode, which would entail an additional step to convert it to a format the lab can read eg JPG, TIF. You can use the best quality JPG setting in the camera instead, which should be good enough most of the time.


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